Dental Bridge Oxford, PA

Do you have multiple missing teeth? Are your missing teeth making it difficult to bite and chew properly? Restore your smile with dental bridges in our Oxford, PA dental office. Dental bridges are dental prosthetics that help replace rows of missing teeth. Dr. Stefan Speck provides customized restorative treatment to his patients that can help make their lives easier.

Patients who are missing multiple teeth often find it difficult to eat properly or speak clearly. Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge can solve these missing teeth problems.

Dental Bridges in Oxford, Pennsylvania

Removable, Fixed, and Implant Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can either be removable or fixed. Removable dental bridges are usually meant to be temporary and are worn when the permanent dental bridge is not yet complete. Traditional fixed dentures are dental prosthetics made of metal and porcelain ceramic. They are held in place by teeth that are adjacent to the tooth gap. These natural teeth are capped off with dental crowns. However, traditional fixed bridges do not provide the stability that dental implants can provide.

Dental implant-secured bridges fully retain the bite and last longer than removable or traditionally fixed options. Implant bridges are supported by multiple strategically placed dental implants for a natural-looking restoration.

Treatment with Dental Bridges

To begin dental bridge treatment, Dr. Speck will examine the teeth and gums. If you require gum disease therapy or tooth extraction, Dr. Speck will provide you with the appropriate treatment. Then, Dr. Speck will take impressions of the teeth. He will send these impressions to a dental lab, where the bridge prosthetic and dental crowns are fabricated.

If you are receiving an implant-supported dental bridge, Dr. Speck will coordinate the implantation procedure with an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon will place several dental implants to support the dental bridge. Once the implants are healed, Dr. Speck will attach the dental bridge prosthetic. Patients who want a traditional dental bridge will receive their permanent restoration after the dental crowns and prosthetic is complete.

Restore Your Smile Today

Do you want to replace multiple missing teeth with a dental bridge? Contact Oxford Family Dentistry by calling 610.753.4506. You may also request a dental consultation with Dr. Speck on our website.