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Are you missing full rows or arches of teeth? Try our high-quality dentures at Oxford Family Dentistry in Oxford, PA. Dentures may be full or partial, which means that they can replace rows of lost teeth or the upper and lower arches of missing teeth. This restorative dental solution can help combat oral health problems that are caused by missing teeth.

Patients with multiple missing teeth or whole arches of lost teeth are more prone to problems like facial sagging, difficulty biting or chewing, and speech issues. Dentures help patients live their lives without the discomfort and pain associated with missing teeth.

Full and Partial Dentures in Oxford, Pennsylvania

Removable and Implant-Secured Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable and held in place with denture adhesive. However, denture adhesives can be messy and can not fully stabilize prosthetic teeth. Even snap-on dentures can not fully support the gum tissue beneath the dental prosthetic. These removable options lay on top of the gums and can cause irritation and sore gums. Dentures that are secured in the mouth with dental implants actually look and feel like natural teeth. Implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone to provide a stable foundation for full or partial dentures.

Dentures Before & After

Treatment with Dentures

Dr. Speck will take dental impressions of the teeth and gums which are sent to a dental lab. In the dental lab, dentures are fabricated to match your specific smile. If patients are receiving implant-secured dentures, Dr. Speck will coordinate the implant surgery with an oral surgeon. Dental implants are strategically placed in key areas of the mouth to support the dentures.

After a 3 to 6-month period, during which the implant posts fuse to the jaw bone, the permanent dentures are placed on top of the implants.

If you already have removable dentures but want the stability of dental implants, we can help! Dr. Speck will plan your dental implant treatment with you so you can support your dental restoration with dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dentures cause dry mouth?

Dentures themselves don’t directly cause dry mouth. Many patients who wear dentures may experience dry mouth due to various reasons. Some of these reasons could be related to certain medications, health conditions, or aging. These are common factors dentists associate with dry mouth. A persistently dry mouth can affect the comfort and fit of dentures and may also increase the risk of oral infections. If this occurs, addressing this issue with your healthcare provider or dentist is crucial.

Do partials ever feel natural?

Yes, partial dentures can feel natural over time. There’s typically an adjustment period when you first start wearing them. During this time, they may feel uncomfortable. However, as you adjust to eating and speaking with partial dentures, they should feel more like your mouth. Regular check-ups with your dentist can ensure that they fit correctly and continue to feel as natural as possible.

How many teeth do you need for dentures?

Dentists use dentures for patients that have lost most or all of their teeth. Complete dentures replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw. On the other hand, dentists use partial dentures to fill gaps where some natural teeth are missing. They use the remaining teeth for support. The number of teeth you have will depend on the type of denture you’re considering.

Will dentures look like my old teeth?

Dental labs design dentures to resemble your natural teeth closely. Your dentist will take impressions of your existing teeth so the dental lab technicians can create dentures that match the shape and size of both your upper and lower jaws. Moreover, dentists and dental technicians work to match the color, shape, and size of your original teeth. However, it’s important to remember that dentures are not identical to natural teeth. Some differences can occur, but these are often subtle.

Is the process of getting dentures painful?

Getting dentures usually involves some discomfort, but it shouldn’t be excessively painful. You can also expect some discomfort during the healing process. As your mouth heals and adjusts to the dentures, there may be some discomfort, but this usually lessens over time. You should communicate with your dentist about any discomfort so they can address it promptly.

How many hours a day should you wear partial dentures?

You should wear your partial dentures for up to eight hours a day. This allows the denture material to fit and adjust comfortably and helps keep the surrounding natural teeth from shifting out of position. It’s best practice to take them out at night for cleaning, and when eating food, that can cause particles to become trapped between the artificial teeth and gums. If you experience pain or discomfort while wearing partial dentures, remove them and contact your dentist as soon as possible.

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