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Welcome to the patient information page for Oxford Family Dentistry in Oxford, PA. Dr. Stefan Speck and his professional dental team aim to provide the highest quality of care for their patients. They serve patients in the Oxford and West Grove areas of Pennsylvania as well as the surrounding areas.

On this page, you will learn more about how our routine dental visits work and find answers to common questions that many patients have about our practice. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about the treatment options we offer in our dental office. We are always here to help our patients.

Dental Patients in Oxford, Pennsylvania

Dental Cleanings and Screenings

During routine dental visits, we provide:

  • Dental Cleanings: Our dental hygienists provide thorough cleanings to remove bacteria buildup. They can also perform scaling and root planing, two treatments that help prevent gum disease. Scaling and root planing remove plaque found on and beneath the gums. These treatments also stop gum recession by smoothing down the tooth roots.
  • Digital X-rays: Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays reduce the level of radiation by 80 percent. Digital x-rays also make it easier for our dentists to view the teeth and gums. We use x-rays to diagnose dental problems and plan treatments. If we need to refer you to a specialist, we can easily send the digital x-rays.
  • Gum Disease Screenings: Gum disease is a common yet highly damaging oral health issue. Some early signs of gum disease that we look for during a screening include red, swollen, and irritated gums. Patients who already have gum disease may have receding gums and, in severe cases, loose teeth.

If you ever have any questions or current concerns that you would like to discuss, please let us know. Please remember to bring your photo ID, dental insurance card, and preferred payment method to your first dental appointment.

Patient Resources

Use these links to discover more about our practice as well as your payment and insurance options:

Common Patient Questions

There are multiple questions our patients may have about Oxford Family Dentistry, including:

Do you accept new patients?

Yes, Oxford Family Dentistry treats patients from Oxford, West Grove, and the surrounding areas. New patients can request a dental consultation with Dr. Speck online or call Oxford Family Dentistry at 610.753.4506.

Do you accept dental insurance?

Yes, we accept many forms of dental insurance. We can also file claims on our patient’s behalf and help patients maximize their insurance benefits. Insurance coverage can differ from treatment to treatment, but we will assist patients

How often should I schedule a dental visit?

We recommend that patients visit our office for a routine appointment biannually or every six months. Our dental hygienists and team examine the teeth and gums and provide a dental cleaning during these visits. If we find any signs of developing dental problems, we will suggest dental treatment or refer you to a specialist. Additionally, if you are more prone to dental problems, you may require routine care on a more frequent basis.

What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Contact our dental office if you have a dental emergency. Our emergency dental care services provide patients with prompt treatment if they have knocked-out permanent teeth, broken dental restorations, tooth pain, dental injuries, and more. We provide comprehensive general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments to address dental emergencies.

Schedule a Dental Consultation Today

Contact Dr. Speck’s Oxford, PA dental office by calling 610.753.4506. You may also request a dental appointment with Dr. Speck on our website.